Client: Ministry of Tourism of San Juan, Argentina

Art Direction & UI design for a site-specific software showcased at the International Tourism Fair in Buenos Aires, Argentina, tailored for the San Juan Province.

The aim of this installation was to draw visitors to the booth while highlighting 'La Fiesta Del Sol,' the region's most significant event.

In this interactive setup, attendees could create an avatar that appeared on the giant screen stand representing the San Juan Province and was integrated into the illustration of 'La Fiesta Del Sol.' This was achieved by selecting characters and taking a photograph, who then appeared onscreen.

My work involved collaborating closely with developers to build what would be the user experience and interface, both for the totem where the public interacted and for the screen where the result was displayed, while also directing the art of the project, actively engaging in conversations with both the illustrator and the animator.

. Sebastián Recabarren: Direction
. Javier Moreira: Art Direction / Design
. Sofía Ugarte: Illustration
. Santiago Ramet: Animation
. Agustín Denardo: Tech Assistant 
. Carlos Yacante: Programming