Client: Ministry of Human Development, San Juan Province, Argentina

The Ministry of Social Development of San Juan, within the context of one of the most important events in its region, called the National Sun Festival, sought to create a playful moment in which people could empathize with the social work and the population segments it serves.

After discussions and validations of the joint action, it was decided to execute an interactive experience centered around the story of a girl on the autism spectrum. The goal was to deliver a powerful message about diversity and inclusion, sharing a simple yet complex day in the life of Laura.

Based on interviews with psychologists and professionals working with children on the autism spectrum, I carried out the art direction, narrative design, and UI design of the installation,  working hand in hand with the illustrator, the animator, and the developers.


Narrative Design branching:

. Sebastián Recabarren: Direction / Management
. Javier Moreira: Art Direction / Narrative Design / UI Design
. Sofía Ugarte: Illustration
. Francisco Alotto Moreno: Animation
. Agustín Denardo: Tech Assistant
. Carlos Yacante: Programming